[Miam Time] Keep calm and curry on

The curry sauce is to the Netherlands what ketchup is to France or what BBQ sauce is to the United Stated: THE sauce which is mixed with anything and everything. My sister is mixing her wheat or gnocchis with ketchup. Well, here, they dip their sandwiches, frikandels, kroketten (we'll see that later, don't worry ;)) or fries in curry sauce. Every food is eligible to drown in an ocean of curry sauce.

Hot dog with curry sauce and frikandel

A little birdie told me it comes from German-ish habits they took after some years. How not to think of the German Curry wurst and more globally, the German love for the curry sauce?

I tell you, here, the curry is everywhere. The majority of meat I could by in supermarket where curry-spiced, be it pork, beef or chicken. No meat escapes from the curry-y coating. The culinary combinations are surprising but it is still of good taste.