Good lunch deal

As said in a previous article, Dutch people eat mainly sandwiches as their lunch and therefore, it's a perfectly normal to have a fair number of snack bars near working places or open a "to-go" counter in a restaurant.

That's what decided the Bâton brasserie, at Herengracht 82, 1015BS. It's as much a restaurant/brasserie as it is a snack bar for sandwiches to take away.

Bâton brasserie

Their sandwiches are relatively cheap (~5€), prepared in about 5 minutes, are absolutely delicious and enough for small to medium eaters. Big eaters like me could not eat two, if that's a good indicator.

The best sandwich, from far, is the one with chicken, avocado, white cabbage, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber and a delightful sauce (the best part of the sandwich). That's just... AWESOME. I strongly recommend you to try it!

The snack bar is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. The restaurant is open throughout the day and even on Saturday but it is not as cheap as the snack bar (8€ that same sandwich).