My first conference (and talk!)

As I explained previously in the article presenting my feedback on my internship, I'm now part of Free Electrons' engineering team. The most exciting part is the upstreaming of the work we do with some clients. I'll certainly get into more details on that on my "2016-summary" article planned for the end of the year. The second most exciting part of my job is going to Linux conferences.

That's an awesome event where you can find people tremendously contributing to Linux, people who definitely "know their shit". We're all gathered to share what we have done the past few months, years or decades. What were the trouble we ran into, how we managed to resolve them, how to use such subsystem for your driver, how this subsystem works, how this hardware component works, etc.

This is a place where you can finally meet people you were talking with over the mailing list the whole year.

Well, that's enough propaganda for now!

If you read the article on my internship, you'd know I built a lab to do continuous integration for the Linux kernel thanks to LAVA and KernelCI project. I struggled a bit while building it on which components to choose for the lab, how to build it, how to automate things, how to do continuous integration, ... I fought with LAVA documentation, because it was a terrible mess at that time.

So, we decided with Antoine Ténart, my internship supervisor, to propose a talk on how to build a board farm and remote control them. You can watch it on Youtube.

You can see the first minutes, I'm really not at ease. The first words were unsure. The stress got me a bit but after few sentences, I was focused on the subject and it was really enjoyable.

It was a great experience (the conference and the talk) and I'm already looking forward to the next ELC (Embedded Linux Conference) in Portland at the end of February.

These conferences are also great opportunities to visit some new cities. I've never been to Berlin before so I decided to spend a few days before the conference to wander through the city. You can find my album here.